Battery Operated Medical Vacuum Therapy System

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Erectile Dysfunction, otherwise known as Impotence, can be treated naturally with this safe and effective system that has proven to work for 90% - 95% of the men who have tried it. There are over 20 million men in America today who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction can be caused for a number of reasons from having diabetes, high blood pressure, from medications, age, prostate surgery or seeding, for physiological reasons, plus many others. 

Our Pos-T-Vac Erec-Tech and Rejoyn brand vacuum therapy systems are recommended by the American Urological Society and many Physicians are beginning to refer their patients to us after they have had Prostate surgery or seeding. The vacuum therapy systems work as physical therapy for the penis after having such procedures.  

This Battery Operated Vacuum Therapy System, (also known as a Penis Pump), is not only safe and effective, but also very simple to use. One press of the button and the motor begins a smooth steady pumping action that will provide the most natural method of gaining an erection using a Vacuum Therapy System. All of our systems are FDA approved, include a 30-day warranty/satisfaction guarantee. Also, a one year warranty on the pump head.

Other functions are the same as the basic manual operated Vacuum Therapy System. After the vacuum has drawn the blood into the penis a support ring is slipped from the tube to the penis in order to hold the blood in the penis and maintain an erection. If you are taking blood thinners we suggest that you speak to your physician prior to using this product.

Partner satisfaction is considered high. However, straightforward discussion about using the system as part of intercourse and partner acceptance helps in the overall satisfaction.

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed on this item! Return it within 30 days for a complete refund of the purchase price. Just let us know why you are not happy.


  • Men with erection problems of all ages, even those who haven't achieved an erection in several years

  • Men who sometimes fail to get a full erection due to stress, excitement, or fear

  • Men with a problem of too soft an erection


The system creates a vacuum around the penis enough to help the natural flow of blood into the penis. Most men will also need to use one of the support rings to hold their erection.


One of the most important steps is properly fitting the support ring.  To keep blood in the penis, the ring must fit comfortably tight, but should be no tighter than necessary.  If the Vacuum Therapy System is giving you a good erection but with the support ring on, your erection is becoming soft in five minutes or less, you need to try the next smaller ring.

Thirty minutes is the maximum recommended time period for wearing the support ring.  If worn longer, permanent damage is possible.

*** For more detailed information about Impotence and our vacuum therapy systems please visit our"Information" page from the Erectile Dysfunction section of our website ***

This system includes the following items:

  • One (1) Battery Operated Pump Head

  • One (1) Regular Size Tube, 8" x 2"

  • One (1) Soft Rubber Bushing, Size B

  • One (1) Loading cone

  • Three (3) Pos-T-Vac

    Rejoyn Round Support Rings, (sizes 1, 2, & 3)

  • One (1) - 4 oz Bottle of Aquagel lubricating/sealant jelly

  • One (1) Black Black Carry Case