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This Hitachi Massager is the perfect massage tool for an evening of sensual relaxing. This massager has been very popular since it was first introduced.  It is a corded two-speed massager that comes with a soft, flexible head for sensual vibrations, or add insert able attachments (not included) like the Wonder Wand and G-Spotter for extra pleasure.


Some Beneficial Effects of Massage From Nature's Path Magazine:
1. Massage dilates the blood vessels, improving the circulation and relieving congestion through out the body. 
2. Massage relaxes and relieves tension. 
3. Massage improves muscle tone and helps prevent or delay muscular atrophy resulting from forced inactivity. 
4. Massage stretches connective tissue, improves circulation and nutrition and so breaks down or prevents formation of adhesions and reduces the dangers of fibrosis. 
5. Massage, by improving the general circulation, increases nutrition of the tissues, which is accompanied or followed by an increased interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells heightening tissue metabolism. 
6. Massage helps return venous blood to the heart and so eases the strain on this vital organ on forced-inactive people. 
7. Massage is the second best method of stimulation of lymph flow, and it is also of value in moving edema fluid. 
8. Massage, as does exercise, increases muscle tone, pulse, body temperature, respiration and renal output. 
9. Massage may break down adhesions between the skin or superficial tissue and deeper structures. 
10. Massage increases insensible perspiration and facilitates removal of sebaceous secretions from the endocrine glands. 
11. Massage has a psychogenic response having a warming, soothing analgesic effect describes by some as a hypnotizing effect on the skin's sensitive nerve endings. 
12. Massge makes you feel good!


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