On this page you will find information about all three (3) of our vacuum therapy systems, (penis pumps), who needs the system, how it works, what is included, what to expect, plus a lot of other useful information.  After reading this page if you should still have questions about these systems you may contact one of our representatives by phone or email: 1.888.473.5696, info@cyberworldmarketing.com.  Someone will respond to you within one business day.  We also have an information DVD with a demonstration that is available on our site for only $4.99.


All of the systems that we carry are manufactured by Pos-T-Vac Medical, are FDA approved and include a one year warranty, as well as a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  These are the three systems:

  • BOS2000-2, Battery Operated System

  • RVP, Rejoyn Manually Operated System

  • IVP600, Manually Operated System




  • Men with erection problems of all ages, even those who haven't achieved an erection in several years

  • Men who sometimes fail to get a full erection due to stress, excitement or fear

  • Men with a problem of too soft an erection



Treatment Method:

Success Rate:

External Vacuum Therapy

75-85% - Most successful -

Internal Implants


Penile Injection Therapy






Intraurethral pellet therapy


Reconstructive Surgery







Vacuum Therapy Systems are meant for the treatment of men with Erectile Dysfunction.  Millions of men are estimated to be affected.  Erectile Dysfunction could be a sign of the existence of a serious blood flow or nerve problem, which could cause a stroke or heart attack.  Erectile Dysfunction is often the side effect of a medication you may be taking.  If you suspect this, talk to your doctor.  You should never change or stop taking medication without first consulting your doctor.  Smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse can all contribute to an Erectile Dysfunction disorder.



The vacuum therapy system consists of a vacuum pump, adapter bushing, a penile tube, ring loading cone and support rings.  The intended use of the system is to assist users in achieving a full erection, i.e., to create an erection in mean with Erectile Dysfunction (as described above) by means of applying vacuum to the penis, which draws blood to the penile coporacavernosa, causing the penis to become erect and rigid.  The support rings are then placed around the base of the erect penis to restrict the flow of venous blood leaving the penis.

Vacuum therapy has become one of the most accepted forms of treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.  It is better to train yourself with the system alone, before including your partner.  It may take a period of a few weeks for men to become good with the system.


The system creates a vacuum around the penis enough to help the natural flow of blood into the penis.  Most men will also need to use one of the support rings to hold their erection.


All three systems come with a loading cone and adapter bushing.  The ring loading cone is used to help place the support ring on the penile tube before the bushing is installed.  The bushing is used to fit the tube to the penis.


One of the most important steps is properly fitting the support ring.  To keep blood in the penis, the ring must fit comfortably tight, but should be no tighter than necessary.  If the Vacuum Therapy System is giving you a good erection but with the support ring on, your erection is becoming soft in five minutes or less, you need to try the next smaller ring.

Thirty minutes is the maximum recommended time period for wearing the support ring.  If worn longer, permanent damage is possible.


Start with the largest support ring.  If you are unable to hold the erection with the larger ring, gradually use the next smallest support ring until the ring is able to hold the erection.

  1. Set the penile tube (with the smooth end up) on a flat surface.  Place the ring loading cone in the penile tube.

  2. Generously lubricate the entire surface of the cone with water soluble lubricating jelly, grasp the two handles of the ring with your index and middle fingers on the bottom side of the ring and your thumbs on the top side of the ring.  Your thumb tips should glide along the surface of the cone.  Place the ring near the end of the tube for easy loading onto the base of the penis.  Do NOT load the ring onto the tube by pulling the handles, they may tear.

  3. Remove the cone from the penile tube, and attach the penile tube to the vacuum pump.  Twist the tube on the pumphead 1/4 turn, locking it in place, do not over tighten.  Install the adapter bushing in the open end of the penile tube.

  4. Running warm water over the tube (before attaching the pumphead) will prevent the tube from fogging over during use.


  1. Lubricate your penis, the inside of the penile tube and pubic hair area (the area that comes in contact with the adapter bushing), with water soluble lubricating jelly.  this helps form a good vacuum seal at your body and prevents the penis from sticking to the walls of the tube.

  2. Insert the penis into the penile tube and start the vacuum process.  Use the least amount of vacuum necessary to obtain the erection.  As soon as the desired erection is achieved, transfer the ring onto the base of the penis with your fingertips.  Make sure the ring is transferred all the way around.  Any vacuum that is left can be released by depressing the manual vacuum release button.  Practice a few times without the support ring.

  3. After you have been using the system for 30 to 60 days, you may want to recheck the sizing of the support ring.  For example, you may find that you are now able to use the next size larger ring.  Using the larger ring may increase comfort.  Some couples may prefer to stop intercourse at least once and reuse the Vacuum Therapy System. 

  4. If a condom is desired it should be applied after erection is formed.

  5. Following use, the support ring, adapter bushing and tube can be washed with soap and water, dried and stored.  Make sure the support ring bag is air free and tightly sealed for longer life.  DO NOT EVER PUT THE BATTERY PUMPHEAD IN WATER.


If you feel slight pain when your penis becomes filled, try a lower vacuum by pushing the manual vacuum release button.  (With a little practice you should find your correct vacuum so that you can create a full erection.)

The manual vacuum release button can be pushed to lower the vacuum level.  If too much vacuum is released, it can be easily increased by depressing the activation button.

To remove your penis from the tube, push the manual vacuum release button until the vacuum pressure is gone.  Then remove the tube from the penis.  If you find that you are keeping enough of an erection for intercourse, you may not need to use the support ring.  You may be able to have a good sex life with only the vacuum portion of the system.

Most men with Erectile Dysfunction will lose most of their erection soon after removing their penis from the penile tube.  This problem can be solved by correctly fitting the support ring.  Your penis should become filled and rigid without pain in 10 to 90 seconds.  You may feel pressure when your penis starts to become erect from the vacuum.  This is normal.


  • You will feel pressure while applying the vacuum.  This is not harmful.  If you feel discomfort, however, it may be a signal that you are pumping too quickly.  Simply press the manual vacuum release button, wait a moment and start again.

  • Your penis turns slightly bluish in color after you apply the support ring.  this may be a normal response to the increase of blood in the penis.  The bluish color should disappear when you remove the support ring.

  • You experience some petechiae (tiny reddish spots beneath the skin) or bruising of the penis when you first begin using your system.  This may happen by placing the penis under too much vacuum pressure for too long and too fast, or after a long period of not having an erection.  If this happens, stop using the system until the spots or bruises completely disappear, about five to seven days.

  • Your or your partner notice a slight drop in the temperature of the penis.  This coolness is normal and not harmful.  It is a normal response to the reduced blood flow caused by the support ring.

  • Your erection has a "hinge" effect.  The penis may pivot at its base when the ring is in place.  If this occurs, you may find it necessary to try different positions with your partner for successful intercourse.

  • Your semen does not flow through at point of climax.  The pressure of the support ring may interfere with the ejaculation process.  This is not harmful, and does not affect climax.  Your semen may flow out then you remove the support ring.  Support rings are not a means of contraception or birth control and should not be used to avoid pregnancy.

  • Your penile tube develops condensation on the inside.  this is simply the result of the heat from your body reacting with the lubricant.  "Fogging" can be reduced by running warm water over the tube and then drying it before use.


* your Vacuum Therapy System is automatically registered at the time of purchase *

The manufacturer, Pos-T-Vac, warranties your Vacuum Therapy System for one year, support rings are warranted for sixty (60) days from the date of purchase against all defects in materials and workmanship, when used as shown in the User's Manual.

If for any reason you are unhappy with this product you must call 1.888.473.5696 for authorization of return.  Return authorization will only be permitted within 30 days from date of sale, proof of purchase is required and return must be to point of purchase.  Upon authorization of return only the the cost of the product will be refunded, not shipping and handling.

If the product proves to be defective, call 1.888.473.5696.  You must have proof of purchase to be eligible for free warranty repair/replacement.

There is no warranty on moisture in the pump head.  Some men dribble a small amount of urine when using a Vacuum Therapy System.  If you have this problem, protect your pump by placing some cotton balls in the penile tube just below the pump.  Be sure to change the cotton balls after each use.

We are always happy to discuss any problems that you may have with the use of this system.  If you would like to order replacement parts, please call our toll free number 1.888.473.5696.