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REGAIN for Men
REGAIN for Men
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Product Description

Product Description


*Available in small, medium, and large*

The effective, discreet way to stop Urinary Control Problems.  Regain's unique design stops bladder control problems for men.  Urologists recommend Regain to their patients because it's been proven effective and safe in clinical studies.  Regain is designed to be comfortable to wear and discreet, it's not visible under clothes.  Now you can maintain an active lifestyle, whether you're at work, attending meetings, out with friends at social occasions and spectator events, traveling or participating in sports and exercise.

How Regain works and how it is used:
Regain is worn on the penis to prevent involuntary loss of urine.  It's unique contour applies gentle pressure to the underside of the penis, stopping the leakage and flow of urine. 
Regain is made of pliable plastic with foam coating on the inside. It consists of two cradle halves an upper and lower with a hinge in the center. The upper cradle has an elastic Velcro (R) strap attached to its top.  The lower cradle has a urethral occlusion contour on the inner surface. The urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body, is located on the underside of the penis close to the skin surface. When Regain is placed on the penis, the urethral occlusion contour presses on the urethra to stop the leakage or flow of urine.  To urinate or remove Regain, simply loosen the strap and open the upper and lower cradles.

Most Frequently asked questions:
Q: Since Regain is available without a prescription, should I see a doctor?
A: Yes.  A bladder control problem is a symptom - not a disease in itself.  A broad range of conditions and disorders can cause a bladder control problem and since 80% of bladder control problems can be cured or improved, it makes sense to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Q: Does one Regain size fit all?
A: No.  There are three sizes available.  The medium size will fit most users.  We will gladly exchange a first time purchasers medium for the small or large.

Q: Does Regain have to be loosened or opened to urinate?
A: Yes.  Do not urinate without loosening the strap and opening the cradle halves.

Q: How long can I wear Regain before removing or urinating?
A: Regain should be opened or removed and you should empty your bladder a minimum of once every four hours.

Q: Does Regain impede blood flow in the penis?
A: No.  Regain's unique shape is designed only to stop the leakage and flow of urine.

Q: How long does each Regain device last?
A: The recommended maximum usage for each Regain device is 6 to 7 days.  The effectiveness of Regain is predicated on the urethral occlusion contour closing the urethra to stop the flow and leakage of urine.  With usage the urethral occlusion contour will break down and will not effectively close the urethra.

Q: Can I clean or wash Regain?
A: No.  Attempts to wash Regain will cause it to degrade.  You should discard a Regain device and replace it when it becomes worn out, soiled, wet or damaged.

Recommended by Urologists - However, Incontinence may indicate underlying heath problems and should be discussed with a physician. This product comes in three sizes. The standard size will work for about 80% of all men. If you are not sure of size order the standard and we will exchange for the correct size at no cost to you.